Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Poozooka

In yesterday's blog I renamed my daughter's "laser beam butt cannon" to be the "doody catapult." But my creative brother-in-law Danny came up with something even better:

The Poozooka.

The Poozooka is the combination of "Poo" and "Bazooka." And just like a bazooka, the Poozooka is a fun yet portable way to combat your enemies and destroy them in a towering pyre of flames and doody. Just feed your baby, wait two hours, then drape the baby over your shoulder. Pull up on the shirt, yank down on the diaper and aim for your nearest arch-nemesis, and voila, instant ownage.

I will now demonstrate the correct way to hold your baby in the poozooka position. Please note: I have not exposed the Poozooka's gun barrel so I don't accidentally unload its arsenal into the wall (again).

[Image: The Poozooka!]
This is the proper way to deploy a Poozooka against your enemies

[Image: The Poozooka (Part 2)!]
Never point a Poozooka at anything unless you don't mind killing it

[Image: The Poozooka in Action!]

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