Sunday, June 01, 2008

Going National

Betty and I have decided that we want to travel the world. But before we become world travelers, we first need to explore the US.

The US has so many different geographical regions that traveling the US is almost as good as traveling the world (unless you want to see anything over 200 years old).

Think about it, we've got swamps in Louisiana and Florida, mountains and snow in Colorado, deserts in New Mexico and prairies in Nebraska. And since every part of the US has different accents and customs, we'll feel as though we're traveling to a new country every time we cross a state line.

So where are we going? Where will we go first???

We're going to South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Arizona! Then we're going to Minnesota, Washington, onto California. We're going to Maryland, Virginia, Nebraska and Georgia! Then we're going to Washington, DC, to take back the White House, yeeeeaaaaah!!!

Sorry, got a little excited there.

We'll probably go to Minnesota first, but we're only going in the summer. Betty brings a sweater into restaurants in Louisiana in the summer, can you imagine what she'd do if the temperature were 54 below zero?

So if you live in a different state and are related to us in any way shape or form, even if it's by marriage on your mom's second cousin's side, get ready to have us as guests. We mean it. You're getting us, whether you want us or not.


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