Sunday, June 29, 2008

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

For our anniversary Betty got me the new Guitar Hero: Aerosmith game for the Wii. This may at first seem like an odd choice for an anniversary gift until you understand that Betty always gets me Nintendo gear so I'll be too preoccupied to bug her for sex.

And once again her schemes have worked. Go team!

[Picture: Bobby Tanory - Guitar Legend]

There's a reason you can't see below the belt: I rocked my pants off.

For my part, I got Betty bubble bath liquid and crystals, plus foaming lotion bubbles from Bath Junkie. I write this not to impress you with my giftability but to remind myself for next year when I need to get Betty something for our five year anniversary so I don't get her the same thing. (Thanks in advance, Bob!)

Giving gifts used to be so much easier before we got our patio. I would just promise Betty that I'd build the patio sometime within the next year, then procrastinate. It was the gift that kept on giving. Next time I'll procrastinate harder so I'll retain any large fallback gifts.

Speaking of procrastinating, I've put off playing Guitar Hero long enough. I've got so much Sweet Emotion for this game that I guess it's time to get Back in the Saddle Again. Now if only I can get Betty to make Love in an Elevator with me then I'll have made the Aerosmith pun trifecta!

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