Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Tanory Tantrum Bad Call of the Game

On Saturday, LSU played UC-Irvine in the NCAA Men's Baseball Super Regionals. In that game an umpire blew a call at second base, where UC-Irvine played the "hidden ball" trick and tagged an LSU runner out at second. However, the LSU runner appears to be safe. That ended the inning and left three men on base for LSU.

Here's the bad call, in case you missed it.

Now, I won't argue that LSU would have won had that call not been made. UC-Irvine's a great team, and won 11-5, so even if the next batter hit a grand slam, we still would have needed 2 runs just to tie the game up. But of course, things might have been different.

Anyway, the point of all of this is that the Tanory Tantrum is now an official LSU baseball and football sponsor. That's right! The Tanory Tantrum is going to donate one visit to the optometrist to any umpire or referee who makes the "Tanory Tantrum Bad Call of the Game!"

So congratulations to second base umpire David Rogers, who is the winner of the first "Tanory Tantrum Bad Call of the Game" and free eye exam. We're all looking forward to seeing you next season with your updated prescription lenses.

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