Thursday, June 19, 2008

When You Are Engulfed in Flames

A couple of weeks ago I saw an author named David Sedaris on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I hadn't read anything by Sedaris but just from the interview I could tell that I would like his work.

So when I saw that he would be promoting his new book, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, by attending a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Baton Rouge, I said to myself: why not?

Betty and Anne met me at Barnes and Noble to cheer me on as I bought several books to be signed, but they left early in the night so Betty could get back to feed Anne. It was either that or have the Milk Truck visit Barnes and Noble.

Fast forward to Thursday morning at 1:15 am. I had been at Barnes and Noble since 7 pm. The book signing was supposed to be from 7-9 but a crapload of people showed up for this thing. Apparently Baton Rouge loves David Sedaris.

To while away the hours I read the entirety of one of Sedaris's books called Holiday on Ice, then a few stories from another one of his books, Me Talk Pretty One Day. If the people around me hadn't been ardent Sedaris fans then they probably would have thought I had some kind of mental problem from the way I kept guffawing out loud.

Although it took six hours to get David Sedaris's "Herbie Hancock," I have to give him a lot of credit: he signed books for six hours straight without taking a break; he made an effort to chat with every single person who stayed to see him; and last, everyone who met him walked away with a huge smile on their face - including me.

So check out David Sedaris's new book, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, unless you are one of the people for whom I got an autographed copy.


Ryan said...

Holy shit!

You're my evil twin!(Or I'm yours)

I clicked on three blog entry's since I've been here. One was about Soldier of Sidon. Gene Wolfe is my favorite author as well. The next was about failing driving tests. Same thing happened to me. By now I'm thinking this is a practical joke played by some eccentric blogger\hacker. Third was about standing in line for six hours at a Sedaris signing despite never having really read his stuff and seen him on Jon Stewart, and laughing your ass of at his reading. I did the same thing (only at a Hastings in Boise). You, sir, have earned yourself a stalker!

Bobby said...

At last! I've found my evil twin! Let the rampaging through the space-time continuum commence!

And let me guess - you're also incredibly handsome, the women love you, and you'd be two inches taller if only you'd stand up straight. Wow, we really are twins.

Do you have a blog or website that I could link to? People could compare both of our daily activities and be perpetually amazed that the universe can hold two facets of the same awesomeness.

Ryan said...

Unfortunately, my lack of a blog is my "evil beard". (That and the puppy-smothering thing) But I'll be lurking in the metaverse that is the non-blogging internet. (We evil twins are good at lurking; it's kind of our "thing".)