Monday, July 28, 2008

Applebee's Quesadilla Burgers

On our way to visit Betty's family in Atlanta we stopped at an Applebee's in Mobile, Alabama. I hadn't been to Applebee's in a few years, and so I was shocked and awed to see a very unique item on their menu:

A Quesadilla Burger.

What is a Quesadilla Burger? Well, imagine that a hardworking American cheeseburger meets a cute Latina quesadilla in a bar. They knock back a few drinks, make pleasantries, and before you know it, the meat of the cheeseburger is between the quesadilla's pillowy flour tortillas.

[Picture: How quesadilla burgers are made.]

Nine months later, a quesadilla / burger hybrid is born. Then eaten. Such is life.

The point of this blog post was mainly that I wanted to photoshop a picture of a man-burger humping a female quesadilla tart, and I think I've succeeded. I can't wait until inspiration hits again! Om nom nom nom nom!

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