Saturday, July 05, 2008

Beach Bums

We've been celebrating Independence Day by spending a week at Gulf Shores, because nothing says "Thank You" to our founding fathers like watching girls in skimpy American Flag bikinis getting their tops blown off by a tsunami-like wave.

Thanks, founding fathers!

My daughter turned 3 months old on July 4th, so we dressed her up like George Washington and told her that her noonie was a symbolic version of the Red Coats. She suckled those dang Torries to death! Afterwards, while surverying the beach from our tenth-storey window we spotted someone wearing Union Jack swimming trunks down by the pool, so I dumped a piping hot bowl of chili off the balcony and made him run for cover.


I would be down at the beach soaking up some sun instead of writing a blog, but unfortunately I'm sick. This always happens to me: I finally get to unwind from a stressful year at work only to have my immune system totally puss out. Dang you, leukocytes! Man up!

Well, I guess I should at least try to get my vitamin D by laying out by the ocean. I just hope the guy I poured chili on isn't still waiting downstairs for me.

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