Thursday, July 17, 2008

Butling Down the Hatch

We hosted a shower on Thursday for our good friend Kim. Well, Betty hosted it. I was the hired help, or as I asked to be known, the butler.

And what does a butler do, exactly? That's right! He butles!

[Picture: Bob the Butler]

But I didn't just butle. I also networked. While working I wore several name tags and advertisements that displayed my butling webpage,, as well as my toll-free butling hotline, 1-866-BUTLE4U.

[Picture: Butler Bob - For All Your Butling Needs]

[Picture: Bob the Butler, the Advertisement]

I didn't mind butling. After all, my first job was as a bus boy at Bennigan's in Lafayette, and my second job was as a server at the Bennigan's in Baton Rouge. This experience primed me for a career in butling. For instance, I made sure to look everyone in the eye and smile when I welcomed them into our home, I brought everyone drinks and food on my fancy tray (and avoided spilling on anyone), and most importantly, I made sure to pre-bus at every opportunity.

I enjoyed being a butler so much that I am offering my services to anyone in need of a good butling. Clothing is optional (except for the bow tie, which is required of any butler), but prices may vary.

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