Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spurrier Says He's Not Going Anywhere

Despite what you might have read on the Intarweb or heard on the radio, Steve Spurrier says he's not leaving the South Carolina Gamecocks football organization.

Spurrier dispelled several rumors about him leaving, saying simply, "If there's one thing most people know about me, it's that I'm a Cock. I repeat, I'm a Cock, through and through. Hell, I might be the biggest Cock there is."

When asked what organization Spurrier would join if he did leave the Gamecocks, Spurrier seemed irritated and shot back, "It's a moot point: I'm not going anywhere. All I want is to be immersed in this Cocks program. I love the Cocks, and if I can be around Cocks all my life then that would be Heaven. I eat, sleep and drink Cocks."

Spurrier has been a South Carolina Gamecock since 2004, but acknowledged, "I felt like I've been a Cock my whole life."

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