Saturday, August 02, 2008

Analyzing the Tantrum

Every so often I log into my Google Analytics account and look at how people find the Tantrum, and every time I am amazed.

From July 2nd to August 1st, the following search terms resulted in either the most pages viewed or the most time spent on the Tantrum:

1. subway sandwhich artist (sic)

2. 2007 Texas cattle population

3. Ralph & Kacoo's murder mystery

4. sneaking alcohol in six flags

5. how can i get microsoft word when i have vista for free

6. is winchestertonfieldville, iowa a real town

7. cialis bob commercials

8. naked pics of fat dudes bending over

9. Whitney Vann showing some cleavage

10. icosidodecahedron bootylicious

11. "an indian person who doesn't like curry"

And last but not least...

12. hairy preteens

Yes, this was a shameless plug for my other blog posts, but it's also a warning: Someone, somewhere, is keeping track of the web sites you visit. And if you found the Tantrum, it just might be made public. I'm talking to you, Wittmaack-Ekbom's syndrome!

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