Saturday, August 30, 2008

ESPN Classic Comments

As most of you know, the kickoff time for the LSU football game was moved due to concerns over Hurricane Gustav. The game was shown on ESPN Classics, and if you were at the game or if you listened to it on the radio then you missed the ESPN commentators in all their glory.

LSU's opponents were the Appalachian State Mountaineers, which is in the FCS. The commentators started off by explaining that the the "FCS" - the Football Championship Subdivision - is the "artist formerly known as Division I-AA."

You know the LSU football season is going to be good when there's a Prince reference in the first game.

And although LSU scored on most of their possessions, occasionally they had to punt. When LSU's punter Brady Dalfrey came on the field for the first punt of the game, the commentators noted that it was the senior's first punt of his career. "Well," the commentators noted, "at least he's well rested."

Finally, when Appalachian State was on offense in the first half, freshman offensive lineman Orry Frye jumped offside, to which the commentators wondered if he "had a case of the Jumpies."

A case of the Jumpies? I believe you'd get your ass kicked for saying something like that.

All of that was in the first half. I watched the second half but we had the volume down, otherwise I'm sure I would have much more to blog about.

So thanks again, ESPN Classics, for showing the LSU vs. Appalachian State football game on Saturday! Everything about the game was classic, especially the commentary.

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