Monday, August 11, 2008

The Friggin' Show at the Varsity

Betty and I love that show "Last Comic Standing." One day there was a LCS marathon on and we watched it for 12 straight hours. (That was before our daughter was born. Now only I can watch TV for 12 hours.)

My good friend James Cusimano is the Last Comic Standing of the New Orleans area, and now he's throwing down the gauntlet in Baton Rouge. He and some other dudes will be at the Varsity (by the Chimes) in Baton Rouge on Wednesday, August 20. Doors open at 8, the show starts at 9:30, and I'll be running naked through the crowd at about 9:28. Don't miss it!

Tickets are $5 each, but if you want me to buy them for you in advance, they're still $5 but you owe me a beer.

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