Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mr. Mom

Thursday night I was home alone with the baby while Betty went out on an important errand. But I wasn't without senior-level managerial oversight, because Betty had left me with a To Do List. My list was as follows:

1. Entertain the baby
2. Feed the baby
3. Bath the baby
4. Change/clothe the baby
5. Put the baby to sleep.

Entertaining Annie was easy. We both just flopped down in front of the TV and played Mario Kart. She loved it, although if I'm being honest, she kind of sucked at it. She never even crossed the finish line once. After we finished, I beat Anne at Guitar Hero and then crushed her at Wii Tennis.

I know she's only four months old, but that's four months to practice the Wii. Come on! Life doesn't just hand you 2,000 points in Wii Tennis - you have to earn it!

Next, it was time to feed the baby. I mixed some cereal with milk, mushed it around and then attempted to feed it to Anne. She wasn't very receptive to it, so I tried to pique her interest by eating a little of it myself. Unfortunately, I liked it so much that there wasn't anything left for Anne.

Bath time was fun. I avoided the soap at all costs, but managed to splash some onto Anne. Success!

"Dry the baby off after her bath" wasn't on my To Do List, so Anne's PJs were soaked immediately. Way to go, Mom.

Finally, it was sleepy time. After I put her in bed, Anne decided that she was ravenously hungry - probably because I ate all of her cereal earlier in the night. I prepared a bottle for her. Mom came home to a well-fed baby sleeping in Daddy's arms.

All in all, my day with my daughter was a success! Just call me Mr. Mom.

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