Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My New Indian Cube-Mate

I have a lot of large software projects that are due by the end of the year. For a while I was starting to sweat them out. But lucky for me I have a new Indian cube-mate:

Ganesha, the Destroyer of Obstacles.

My Aunt Penny and cousin Elizabeth recently went to India on a missionary trip. Not only did they feed the hungry, clothe the homeless, help cure the sick and teach the children, but they also brought me a rockin' statue of Ganesha.

I brought my Ganesha statue to work and showed all my Indian coworkers. One thought it was lovely. Another counted all of the hands and made sure that it was created correctly, explaining that if a statue of a Hindu god isn't made correctly then it brings you bad luck. My statue gained the admiration and adoration of all of my coworkers.

Then it was time to put Ganesha to the test.

I sat Ganesha on my desk and made it face my computer. "Ganesha," I told it, "I have a lot of work to do and there's no way I can do all of it by the end of the year, but everyone wants it done. Can you help?"

Ganesha appeared to just sit there for a while, but after about five minutes I felt like a switch had been flipped inside my head. I started drafting some rough designs on how I could accomplish my work, and it was all perfect. I could see the finished product in my mind's eye. I looked at Ganesha and he looked at me, and then I high-fived all four of his arms.

After a while I needed some caffeine. I went to the office's kitchen but the coffee pots were all empty. I couldn't find any new coffee filters and so sulked back to my desk.

My Ganesha statue had given me so much help with my projects and I thought it could help me with this coffee fiasco. So I picked it up and brought it back to the kitchen. And wouldn't you know it! Coffee, that sweet nectar of life, was filling up the pot right in front of my eyes! Apparently another caffeine-deprived employee got coffee filters from another area's kitchen.

Ganesha did it again!

So thanks Aunt Penny and cousin Elizabeth for my great Ganesha statue! If you ever need an obstacle blown to smithereens, call me up and me and my buddy Ganesha will destroy the crap out of it.

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