Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Lounging

When watching the Olympics, I like to dress like the athletes.

I wear spandex, goggles and a hair net whenever I'm watching the Swimming events, Bermuda shorts and ray bans for Beach Volleyball, and a tight-fitting tutu for the Gymnastic events. As a bonus, I rack myself whenever watching the Balance Beam event.

This Olympics I found that I could not only dress like an Olympic athlete but also act like one, with the help of my trusty lounge chair.

I discovered this when watching the Rowing event. Rowing, or Sculls, consists of a couple of people sitting in an oversized kayak who fiercely paddle their way across a lake. If you've seen the Rowing event then you know that rowing consists of more than just using the arms - the legs are used to help power the paddler's movements.

You probably also know that rowing is booooriiiiing!

To spice things up I decided to cheer for the US Rowers by "paddling" my lounge chair in rhythm with their paddle strokes. I used the lounge chair's arm as my paddle, which propelled my legs up and down. As a bonus, I won a Gold medal by not spilling my cream soda on the chair and set a new World Record for ticking off my wife, who was left in charge of our daughter. USA! USA!

So the next time you watch the Olympics, don't just watch - live the Olympics, using household objects. Just first make sure that your children are asleep and your spouse is in the other room.

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