Thursday, September 11, 2008

Now That is Love

While stopped at a red light on my home from work today, two love bugs landed on my windshield. And in typical love bug fashion, they were joined at the butt.


I momentarily thought about turning on my wipers, but decided against smearing that hard-to-remove love bug goo all over my windshield. Instead I just decided to floor it as soon as the light turned green and see if I could shake'm off.

Both bugs held on as my car slowly accelerated. But once I hit 65 mph, only one was still holding onto the windshield; the other lost its grip and started flapping in the air. And the only thing keeping that one on my windshield was the strength and endurance of the other bug's genitals.

Now that is love!

I don't know how much force a love bug's genitals can withstand, but after a minute or so of me driving 65 mph, the love bug holding onto the windshield finally decided to call it a day.

I bet those two are going to be sore in the morning!

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