Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Parenting 101

Being a parent is hard work! You've got to work nights... weekends! Sometimes even all day Sunday!

But there's nothing better than being a parent... other than being a parent while eating pizza and drinking a cream soda. But being a parent is an integral part of that awesomeness trifecta.

Being a parent is one of those things that cannot be described; it has to be lived. Nobody is a good enough writer - surely I am not - to articulate what it feels like to be a parent.

Once you're a parent, what used to be HUGE is now small. Beating that Metallica song on Guitar Hero III? Yeah, that used to rule my life. Now, I rock out to "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on my daughter's musical turtle toy, and that takes way much more skill. (Although it would be even cooler if the turtle was shaped like a guitar. I'm just saying....)

And small things, like rolling over from the belly to the back, are suddenly huge milestones. Even mundane things, like a jar of carrots, can either be endlessly entertaining - such as when watching my daughter eat and/or raspberry mushed carrots across the floor - or invoke fear, such as when they pass through my daughter's system and turn her diaper into a scene out of Dawn of the Dead.

Every day is filled with awe, by both the child and the parents, as your child laughs, cries, and becomes self-aware. Even when my daughter frowns, it's so friggin cute that sometimes I don't want to make her happy. Case in point:

[Anne's patented frown]

I've only been a parent for just under six months, and I can't imagine life without my daughter. Whatever I did before she was born was apparently not important enough for me to remember. Either that or my sleep deprivation is getting to me.

And since I know how much fun being a parent can be, it's with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to congratulate our good friends Kim and Chris on their baby girl, Lilly. I hope you have as much fun being parents as we've had so far!


Luke said...

I know exactly what you mean about everything, including frowns being cute. The picture below should be really sad because Sam was so upset (not really but he thought he was) but that bottom lip sticking out is just so cute that I laugh every single time I see it.


Great post, Bob.

Bobby said...

That pic is classic! Betty and I can't stop laughing at it either. And Sam is getting so big! We need to meet up one day in Lafayette so our chilluns can meet.