Friday, September 05, 2008

Tornado Warnings

My house is going to be without power for at least a week thanks to Hurricane Gustav's dumb ass. And since no electricity means "no A/C" we decided to drive to Lafayette and mooch off my parents.

But Gustav spawned tornadoes, and the day we made it to Lafayette we had a series of tornado warnings.

Betty and I were huddled in my mom's hallway along with our daughter and my mom, while some strong winds whipped at my parents' home. We had the TV on full blast so we could hear it blaring its emergency messages. Every few minutes the broadcast would honk three times, then a mechanical voice would drone out the names of subdivisions where a tornado was either spotted or expected.

The were two tornado warnings, and we were smack dab in the middle of where both tornadoes were expected to strike.

I'll be honest, I was scared. If it was just me I probably would have been outside taking pictures, but it's different when your five month-old is in your arms.

I noticed that the attic door was directly above us, and we decided to scooch down the hall so we'd be clear of anything falling from the attic. I chastised my mom for not thinking of this; she's usually the one who scares herself silly thinking of the millions of ways we could maim ourselves in any mundane circumstance. This was no time to lose her sense of paranoia!

When the tornado warnings were no longer in effect and the wind died down, we emerged from the darkness of the hallway and slowly made our way to the windows to gaze out upon the storm. We were happy that nothing serious occurred, but the experience was nonetheless draining.

The TV very loudly told us that someone got hit by a tornado north of Lafayette. My heart goes out to them. It's scary enough when there's a tornado warning - it must be a thousand times more frightening to have your house ripped away around you.

But even though our experience was scary and I hope we never have to go through that again, it still beats spending one more night in Baton Rouge without A/C.

God help you A/C-less Baton Rougeans.

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