Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pink for October

Every year I turn my blog pink for October. But this year I'm trying something different.

Instead of turning my blog pink, I'm just going to write about how much I love breasts. My hope is that instead of encouraging women to get screened for breast cancer, I will inspire other men to make sure that they get their wives / fiancees / girlfriends screened due to their natural and lifelong love of happy fun bags.

As we all know, scientific studies have proven that nothing can turn a bad day into a tolerable day like a nice rack jiggling around. But here's the deal: breast cancer can make that jiggling stop. Men have a responsibility to make sure that the jiggling continues, and the best way for us guys to do that is to encourage our lady-friends to get screened for cancer.

I encourage all of the women out there to do three things:

1. Get screened for breast cancer.
2. Encourage your friends to get screened for breast cancer.
3. Email everyone pictures of your breasts so that we'll all know that they're OK.

Mankind cannot survive without jiggling breasts. So do your part to save mankind and go get screened for breast cancer. Don't forget to email me pictures of your rack.

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