Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Warriors!

Betty and I are true Weekend Warriors! Every weekend is Fun Time at the Tanory household. It's go, go, go, getting in as much fun as we possibly can in the hopes of tiring out the kids for the rest of the week.

Go team!

Last week we went to the Louisiana Arts and Sciences Museum (LASM) in Baton Rouge, and we had a great time. Anne's favorite rooms were the kids' rooms. I thought there was only one kids' room at the LASM but Anne sniffed out a second one.

And Anne played with every single toy. She left no toy unturned!

She's so sweet that she loves to share. Here she is making us some smoothies in her play kitchen.

[Picture: Playing kitchen]

Then she saved several toy houses from burning down, by getting the toy firemen ready for action.

[Picture: Firefighter Annie's on duty!]

I don't know what you call these things... I usually see them in doctor's offices or kid's shoe stores. I was pretty bored with it (well, OK, it entertained me for a good 30 minutes) but Anne loved it.

[Picture: I don't know what these things are called but I love them!]

Pete wanted to get in on the action, too, so we let him drive the toy train. He only has his permit so Betty had to be in the train while he conducted it.

[Picture: Tickets, please!]

The LASM was fun but by Wednesday the kids were regaining their energy. Anne started taking out all of her toys, playing with everything everywhere... it looked like a toy shop exploded in our house. So we knew it was time to take her back out and unleash her upon the world.

So Saturday we took the kids to City Park. The high on Saturday was 93, so we tried to hit the park extra early. Unfortunately for us, it was still around 90 when we got there. So we only stayed for about 30 minutes, but in that time we rocked the place!

First we swung (or "swang" as I like to say):

[Picture: Swanging!]

Then Annie went exploring on the giant slide thingy. Anne loves to play on this thing, but there are drop-offs in the middle of the second level where a small child can just fall off, so it makes me nervous. Anne hasn't fallen down one of these or even come close to doing so, but I've injured myself several times trying to run and save her from whatever danger I imagine awaits her.

[Picture: About to slide!]

Sunday we went to the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. Betty's extended family came with us, and my sister and her new fam came with us as well. The Tanory clan invaded New Orleans!

And were immediately swallowed whole by a giant shark.

[Picture: Shark attack!]

Anne conquered a giant toad and made it her steed while I sang some Toad the Wet Sprocket songs.

[Picture: Pet toad!]

Anne also saw some regular-sized frogs as well. Grammy, Pops and Annie all checked out some frogs in their native environment.

[Picture: Frog watching]

Since we were at the aquarium we obviously saw a lot of fish. Here's a picture of a mullet:

[Picture: Mullet!]

Pete was so at ease with the aquarium that he decided to take a little snooze. I tried to wake him up so that I could take his place - my feet hurt after walking all day - but he just slept right through me strolling him over the bumpy tiles.

[Picture: The snoozing machine!]

And what aquarium would be complete without some sea lions and starfish?

[Picture: Sea lions and starfish!]

My sister's husband, John Bobby, took this picture probably because he lost a bet or lost a poker tournament. John Bobby, this picture will definitely be on next year's Tanory calendar.

[Picture: The dude!]

John Bobby doesn't just pose for pictures with giant toads... he also makes incredibly astute observations. He noticed that one of the frogs came from Indonesia... but what's a frog from Indonesia doing in the Aquarium of the Americas?!?

[Picture: What's this guy doing here?]

The aquarium is very hands on. Anne even caught a fish!

[Picture: Look what I caught!]

But the best part of our weekend was spending time with our family. Betty's parents, brother, niece, aunt, cousin, cousin's son, my sister, John Bobby, John's mom and John's two nieces all came with us to the aquarium. We had a blast! Plus, my sister's birthday is on Monday and we were so thankful that she spent Sunday with us.

[Picture: Family!]

What's in store for us next weekend? I don't know, but every fun place within 75 miles of our house is officially on notice! Get ready for the Tanory clan!


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Thanks for the wonderful post about LASM! We're glad you and your family enjoyed your visit.

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