Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a magical Halloween night - thanks to a certain fairy godmother who provided her little Cinderella with a pumpkin carriage!

[Pic: Betty and Anne]

Peter was a natural as Curious George, since he's already a little monkey. And I was The Man in the Yellow Hat, albeit a shorter, fatter, much more handsome version.

[Pic: The fam!]

My parents dropped by to go Trick or Treating with us. My dad really enjoyed it - he was asking everyone if "this is the house where you're giving out cash instead of candy." He almost got a few bites!

[Pic: Gransy and Papa]

Armed with our candy buckets, magic wands and sparkly shoes, we took to the streets in search of loot. But as much as we practiced knocking on the door with Anne so we could yell "Trick or Treat!" we actually never once knocked on a door at all. The new trend is for parents to sit outside and have the kids just walk up to them. It worked out well for us, as that way we could move from house to house much quicker.

Betty made a big meal in order to give our bodies all the nutrients it would need for the arduous task of walking down every street in our neighborhood. She made hot dogs, chili, Frito pie, seven-layer dip, plus lots of little extras like orange juice frozen into pumpkin-shaped ice cubes. And each dish was all Halloweened up.

For instance, check out these mummified hotdogs...

[Pic: Hot diggity dogs!]

And this smiley seven-layer dip...

[Pic: Seven layers of smiles!]

I didn't like the way that dip was smiling at me, so I ate it. That'll learn'm!

We had a blast this year! Thanks, Gransy and Papa Cheech, for coming by to spend this holiday with the kids! Our friends Brannon and Sheila also came by with the kids - lots of fun! Next year we'll have to do something awesome, like all be part of a Voltron costume or something.

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