Saturday, October 02, 2010

Help Preserve the Mounds!

Saturday we tailgated with some friends at the LSU Indian mounds before the LSU / Tennessee football game. There's been some controversy lately because LSU has roped off the Indian mounds and is no longer allowing kids to run / slide / roll up and down them. The main reason cited has been that the mounds are sacred burial mounds, so not only are the kids (and adults who chase after the kids) running up and down a burial site, but the Indian mounds are starting to sink - or are being eroded away.

To keep the kids at bay, LSU put up some signs saying, "Look but please do not climb." So we didn't climb... but I did lift Anne up and over the fence. It's all semantics!

[Picture: We weren't climbing!]

There are some other signs on the fence that blocks off the Indian mounds. One says, "Help preserve the mounds."

[Picture: Help preserve the mounds]

This got me thinking. The mounds are breast-shaped, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and LSU has chosen the month of October to put up the "Preserve the Mounds" signs. So maybe this whole "preserve the mounds" deal isn't about protecting the Indian mounds at all. Maybe it's about preserving our country's greatest natural resources: our females' breasts!

[Picture: Help preserve the mounds]

Yes! That's it! LSU wants us to preserve the "mounds" - our lady-friends' ta-tas! What a great, if subtle, marketing campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Now's a good time to remind to all you ladies out there to check yourself for lumps, and if you're 40 or older then go get a breast exam. And men, do the honorable thing and check your woman's breasts for lumps, right now. Use both hands, just to make sure.

As for me, I checked the LSU Indian mounds for lumps. Several times. I checked every square inch of those magnificent, sacred mounds. I didn't find a lump, but I might have missed something, so I should probably go back and check them out again during our next tailgating adventure on LSU's campus.

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