Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pink for October

For several years I turned my blog pink for October to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My aunt died of breast cancer so I take it personally that this cancer is out there and there's no cure. We all have a part to play in eradicating it, and turning my blog pink seemed like the least I could do to help raise awareness.

But after a few years of going pink, I don't know how much good it actually did. Most of the people who read my blog either read it over email or on Facebook, so they don't get to see my pink blog in all its glory.

So this year, instead of turning my blog pink, I will do as I did last year and try to inspire men to get their wives / fiancees / girlfriends / mistresses to get screened for breast cancer. Because I think that if I speak from the heart about my love for ta-tas, other men will be inspired, and we will all get our loved ones screened.

I will be like the William Wallace of Breast Cancer Awareness. Freeeeedooooom (from breast cancer)!

OK, here it goes:

Men: Imagine yourself in a world without breasts. I know it's difficult but try. The world would be a dark and desolate place, wouldn't it? That is a world without hope... without fun... without happy fun bags.

How would mothers feed their young? How would Hooters survive as a franchise? What would we stare longingly at while trapped in a meeting at work?

A world without boobies is no world that I want to live in. And that's why I'm writing this blog today. Breasts make the world go round!

Last year I wrote that I wanted my friends to send out pictures of their healthy racks as proof that they were cancer-free. Unfortunately, I only received half a dozen pictures, and of the three that were pics of breasts, none were of female breasts. So I'm asking you again to send me pictures of your healthy breasts so that I know that you're OK. And, with your permission, I'll post them on the blog so everyone will know that you're doing well.

Get screened, for the good of the world!


Avi's Mom said...

Your post is boobylicious or might i say booytastic!!

Avi's Mom said...

damn it where did my "b" go?