Monday, October 04, 2010

Plane Yankers

On Saturday, October 16, I will be part of a team from my work competing in a "Plane Pull" at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport.

I'm going to be a Plane Yanker!

The plane pull is sponsored by Turner Industries. Here's a blurb of last year's event from Turner's website:

The Plane Pull Festival is a full day event complete with music, games, food, and fun. The main event, pulling a seventy-three ton jet, is a timed team event. The team that pulls the jet a distance of twelve feet, with the best time, wins the challenge. The most enthusiastic team is also acknowledged and, in good spirits, so is "Slowest Pull"!

My company won the plane pull last year. This year, with the help of the Tantrum, we'll not only win again, but we may even get this jet going so fast that it takes off the runway.

I've been training for this big event by doing two things simultaneously:

1. Wearing extremely short shorts, a sleaveless shirt, sunglasses and large padded gloves; and

2. Practicing my mad pull skillz by tugging on every object within my immediate vicinity.

Today, while practicing for the plane pull, I pulled a shirt out of my closet so hard that the cross bar in the closet almost came out. Then I nearly yanked my car door out of its socket. I might have pulled a large panel out of my cubicle at work, although to be fair I think it was already partially dislodged due to me banging my head against it while working on a difficult project last week.

I think I'm a natural. That seventy-three ton jet doesn't stand a chance!

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