Monday, November 08, 2010

Cupcakes N Cream

Betty and I are somewhat of cupcake snobs. We're not proud.

But we were excited to see that there's a new cupcake place in town called Cupcakes N Cream. It's close to my work so I dropped by last week to pick up some samples. (And yes, it was also to have something to blog about. You got me!)

There's good news and bad news about Cupcakes N Cream. I'll start with the good news: the young lady who helped me was extremely nice. It's nice to go to a place where the people treat you like they are actually happy to see you. Customer service is becoming a lost art in America.

Another good thing about Cupcakes N Cream: Not only do they have cupcakes, but they also have ice cream! (Thus the name, Cupcakes N Cream.)

Now, for the bad news. Brace yourself.

First, the cupcakes are expensive. It's $3.50 per cupcake. TREE FITTY for a cupcake! On the bright side, you definitely get your money's worth - the cupcakes are gargantuan.

But the sheer size of the cupcake is also the second strike against them. The cupcakes are so big that you can't get a good bite of both cake and icing at the same time, unless you do like I did and scoop off the icing and smear it on after cutting the cupcake in half. I never thought a cupcake could be too large, but I was wrong. We might have enjoyed them more if they were simply more affordable, and would have been willing to pay less for a smaller cupcake.

The third issue that we had was that we really didn't like the cupcakes. We tried all six flavors that were available - plain, carrot cake, red velvet, raspberry cream, and two others that I can't remember, and found the same issues with all of them. The icing isn't the cream cheese kind of icing that we like, and the cake part was just blah. This is really a judgment call on our part - different strokes for different folks.

Last, and I think the most negative feature of Cupcakes N Cream, is it's location. The fact that it's on Sherwood is a plus, but the fact that it's on the SECOND FLOOR is a big minus. Let's face it, if you're the kind of person who really loves cupcakes and ice cream then you're probably not the kind of person who likes to climb stairs.

Although I've written about more negatives than positives, I'd actually like to see Cupcakes N Cream do well. It would be nice to have a place to get good cupcakes and ice cream near work. Smaller, more wallet-friendly cupcakes would be a good start. And as long as they keep up the good customer service, and maybe build an elevator to haul up the fat lards like me, then maybe we'll consider going back again.


Anonymous said...

I went to Cupcakes N Cream with my son, as I had received a $15 gift card for Christmas. The lady floundered around on the register and told me there was nothing on the card. She said there was nothing she could do. Embarrassed and humiliated, I stormed out of there with my son, and decided I would NEVER go back! I certainly would not recommend this place to ANYONE, especially if you want to send a gift card to someone!!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like your temper made you over-react. I felt like family when I went in. They really seemed eager to please.