Sunday, November 28, 2010

Star Wars Meets Thanksgiving

Betty and I took the kids to see my parents in Lafayette for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. And while we were there we discovered that the Lafayette Science Museum had a big Star Wars exhibit going on.

We didn't think that my daughter Anne would be very interested... but then again, Yoda and R2D2 are just about her size, so we thought that maybe we could convince her to become a Star Wars fan. It sure would be nice to watch The Clone Wars every morning instead of Little Einsteins.

The museum had lots of costumes from the movies. Betty likes powerful men so she decided to pose with Darth Vader...

[picture: Betty and her buddy Darth]

And I like women, so I took a picture of the only female in the building (except for Betty, Anne and my sister-in-law Andrea). Well, OK, it was just a mannequin, but most of the guys in the building were huddled around this exhibit, trying to determine exactly how a feminine creature from Naboo would react in Earth's atmosphere.

[picture: This feminine outfit had all us Star Wars nerds entranced]

My sister likes tall, dark and hairy guys, so she posed with Chewbacca.

[picture: Becca with her ideal mate]

And Todd likes robots, so he scoped out the walkers.

[picture: Todd with the Walkers]

Anne got scared when she saw Chewbacca and started to cry. So we tried to distract her by showing her smaller, less hairy creatures. There was R2D2...

[picture: Anne with R2D2]

and the Jawas (famously parodied in Spaceballs)...

[picture: Jawas!]

and Yoda, hanging out with Flat Stanley. (Use the Force, Flat Stanley!)

[picture: Use the Force, Flat Stanley!]

And of course, there was... a hideous snow creature! Aaaah!

[picture: Snow creature from Star Wars]

But what Star Wars exhibit would be complete without a few pod racers? Anne and I saw a few, and although she couldn't ride in them, I could! Here's a model of Luke Skywalker's pod.

[picture: Pod racer model]

And here's me rockin' out on a real hovercraft! Watch out, Tatooine, here I come!

[picture: Bob the hovercraft racer!]

But the best part of the Star Wars exhibit was at the very end, in the children's area of the Lafayette Science Museum, where Anne and her cousin Joshua put on a puppet show of the entire Star Wars franchise in less than four minutes. It was better than Weird Al's The Saga Begins.

[picture: Star Wars puppet show!]

Entrance into the Lafayette Science Museum is $10 per adult. Kids under 3 are free. There was also a Star Wars ride that we bought tickets to ($2 each) but Betty and I didn't make it in there, because the line was too long and my kid was screaming at the top of her lungs about Wookies. But we had a great time. It's great that stuff like this comes to Lafayette every once in a while.

If you or your family goes to the Star Wars exhibit at the LSM, tell Yoda that the next great Jedi has been born. Peter didn't make the trip to the museum with us this time around, but I have a feeling that he'll be using Anne's Abby Cadabby wand as a lightsaber any day now!

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