Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Victoria's Secret Catalog

Everyone likes the Victoria's Secret catalog. Women like it because they get to think about shopping, and men like it because, well, it's the Victoria's Secret catalog.

And my six month old son likes it, because he thinks it's a visual menu for a milk bar.

It's not that he's racist or anything. He's only six months old - he has no concept of race. It's just that all he sees are the ta-tas, and that makes him think of milk.

I think it goes something like this:

The white models remind him of regular white milk.

The black women? Chocolate milk.

The Asian women are soy milk.

The skinny models are skim milk.

Supermodels are fat free milk.

The plus size models are whole milk.

Red heads are strawberry milk. (You know you used to put Nesquik strawberry powder in your milk, don't lie to the Tantrum!)

There are some other kinds of milk, but I got distracted while researching the Victoria's Secret website. Don't blame me, blame the need to blog.

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