Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mageez: The Album

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of my favorite times of year because they're usually times when my extended family gets together. And the one thing that brings my entire family together (other than food, of course) is the piano.

I love when my dad plays the piano. And my sister can actually play as well.

For my part, I like to sit on the piano in a red dress and show a little leg. Nobody else likes when I do that, but hey, I gotta be me!

But some of the best moments around the piano are when my cousins Bo, Ben, Michael and Elizabeth start to play it. They're just amazing. My cousin Ben even plays the piano at Pat O's in New Orleans - that's how good he is.

And so I'm very excited that my cousins Bo, Ben and Michael have published their first studio album for their band, Mageez. If you like them then I guess that makes you a "Mageezer."

I'm so proud of you guys! Now, for your next album, I have a few lyrics that I'd like you to include... something like, "The Tantrum, the Taaaantrum, oh how you spank'm!" and "Don't think I'm a clod but I like Bobby better than Todd!"

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Bo said...

thanks bobby - i thought u might post the pics of you performing live with lil mageezer in your boxers on that wet night in mississippi. Patriotism at its highest level....