Saturday, February 26, 2011

Piano Man

Betty gave me a great gift: piano lessons at Baton Rouge Music Studios!

I've always loved playing the piano. My parents have one at their house, and my dad used to play for us all the time. We used to love (OK, we still love) to dance around and sing while he plays. And when my cousins come in town for holiday dinners, we all love gathering around the piano while they sing and play. (My cousins just recently put out their own album, and my cousin Ben rocks out at Pat O's!)

But although I've always been around a piano, I've never learned to play it. Sure, I can play a couple of songs, like Let It Be by the Beatles, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins, and 46 and 2 by Tool. But that's where my piano knowledge has ended.

I've only been to one piano lesson, where I was introduced to the notes on the C scale and learned to read the notes for a song called "The Woodchuck." I've been practicing every day, and have also been practicing other songs from some piano books that Betty got me. I plan on celebrating my mastering of the Woodchuck song by drinking a Woodchuck beer.

Even though I've only had one lesson, I've already learned a lot! I'm so excited about playing that I basically do nothing but read up on how chords are constructed. I think my Computer Scientist mind is so used to finding patterns that it's helping me understand the pattern of chord construction. For example, I can now take any chord and make the major, minor, diminished, augmented, flat and sharp... because once you know how to do it for one chord, you basically know how to do it for all the others. And once I learn my scales, I'll figure out the rest. It's so interesting!

So here's to Betty for this great gift!

And a quick note to my music teacher at Baton Rouge Music Studios - get ready to have your mind blown with a couple of my updated renditions of The Woodchuck!

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