Sunday, March 13, 2011

Play-Doh Family Portraits

Annie and I were playing with Play-Doh last week, when Annie decided to outsourced the actual creation of Play-Doh figurines to me. She was all about the design but didn't want to do the actual work.

What can I say, like father like daughter!

We decided to make Play-Doh versions of Betty and Peter. Annie helped me pick out the colors for the clothes and all the accessories, and then I created everything based on her designs.

Here's our version of Betty. Notice how fashionable she is with her large, purple purse, matching shoes and watch.

[Picture: Betty!]

I may or may not have also given her a purple thong under that green dress. The world may never know.

Peter was just starting to pull himself up on things when we did this, so I made him a little table to use to help him stand. He's also wearing a green onesie.

[Picture: Petey T!]

Our Play-Doh version of Peter tired the Play-Doh version of Mommy out so much that she had to take a nap. Here's a picture of that:

[Picture: Mommy takes a nap while Peter plays.]

And even Play-Doh people need to feast, so as our last picture in this series of incredibly realistic Play-Doh family portraits, here's a picture of Play-Doh Betty feeding Peter.

[Picture: The feast!]

Our next series of Play-Doh portraits will feature me playing the piano while Betty lies on top of the piano in a red dress. Stay tuned!

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