Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Disney Trip, Day 4

Day 4 in Disney: We rolled into the Magic Kingdom like rock stars.

[Pic: Ready for my Princess Breakfast!]

We were royal guests at Cinderella's Castle and had plans to meet all the princesses for breakfast. But as we made our way to the castle, we stopped every ten feet so the ladies could love on Peter. What can I say, he's a lady killer!

[Pic: Peter meets a nice lady]

The White Rabbit, or "WR" as we came to know him, was late for a very important date, but not late enough that he couldn't stop and chat with Petey for a bit. Of course, that might have had something to do with all the ladies flocking to Peter. You know what they say about rabbits!

[Pic: Peter chats it up with WR]

Anyway, onto the castle. Anne was so excited to meet all of her favorite Disney characters, like Cinderella:

[Pic: Annie with Cindy]

She also met Snow White, Ariel, Belle and Sleeping Beauty. (Click for pictures.)

Then, like any princess would do, she ingested her birthday cupcake by osmosis, by basically smearing the icing all over her face. This would have been a great time to take a picture with one of the princesses!

[Pic: The Remains of the Birthday Cupcake]

As a parting gift, all the girls who ate with the princesses got magic wands and all the boys got swords. So now not only were my kids the most beautiful princess and most handsome prince in all the land, but they were now considered armed and dangerous.

Once we left the castle, we walked into Tomorrowland and met Push the Talking Trash Can. He was hysterical!

Of course, Anne was then afraid of all of the other trash cans for the rest of the trip. Oh well! I guess we didn't want her playing with the trash anyway.

After eating a light snack and throwing its wrapper into Push the Talking Trash Can, we went off to go dance with Chip and Dale. Anne had so much fun dancing! She basically dances by jumping up and down, which is more than I can say for myself. (If I try to dance, I injure myself if more than 3 parts of my body move at the same time.)

[Pic: Dancing with the Chipmunks!]

The last character we saw for the day was Peter Pan. Anne is so smart - she told him that she has a brother named Peter. He thought that was very clever!

[Pic: Peter and Peter!]

By the end of the day we were pretty exhausted, but when we saw the Sword in the Stone by the carousel we knew that we had to try to yank it out. We watched several strong, strapping young lads try and fail. When it was Anne's turn, she pulled out the sword that the princesses had given to Peter at Cinderella's Castle, then pretended to pull it out of the stone. You should have seen the boys' faces!

[Pic: Excalibur!]

The last thing we did in the park that day was to watch a parade by the castle. This was the first time that I've ever put Anne up on my shoulders to watch a parade, and it might be the last time: she peed on my shoulders. But I didn't really mind... I just blamed the pee smell on the kid standing next to us.

[Pic: Is it raining?]

We ended the day as it begun: in a castle. Except this time the castle was the Port Orleans playground, which has a slide shaped like a big castle.

[Pic: Queen of the castle!]

She pretended to be the queen of the castle, and I pretended to be a dragon. She eventually defeated me, domesticated me, then used me as a weapon against rival empires.

Disney Day 5 up next!

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