Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Celebrity Sex Tape

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make a celebrity sex tape.

Sorry, everyone.

Making a celebrity sex tape was much harder than I thought. I'm not a celebrity, so that's a strike against my sex tape becoming famous. Then again, once my sex tape goes public, I'll be a celebrity, at which point it will be a celebrity sex tape.

So here's how to download your very own copy of the Tanory Tantrum Sex Tape:

1. Right-click on the following picture, choose "Save image as", and save it to your desktop. You can also just copy it to your clipboard, but then you wouldn't have a picture of me on your computer.

[Pic: Source pic for sex tape]

2. If you saved this picture on your computer, open it and print it. Print as small of a size as possible. (If you chose to just copy my picture instead of saving it then you're on your own.)

Note: If you can't print it to be smaller than a wallet size picture, you can download the following smaller image of the same picture shown above:

[Pic: Mini-source pic for sex tape]

3. Get out your tape dispenser.

4. Get two pieces of tape.

5. Tape my picture to the other piece of tape.

You now have a Tanory Tantrum Sex Tape!

What's that? You don't see what's sexual about it? Well, if you notice, I've got one leg up in this picture. You can now hold the tape up and thrust it back and forth in one of your family member's faces.


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