Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Technology Refresh

I'm about to start a "technology refresh" in my house. It's time. Actually, it's overdue.

Betty and I love to watch movies at night, but we also like clean dishes (well, Betty likes them - I think we should just use paper plates and/or our hands), and so we wash dishes at night while we watch movies. The problem is that our dish washer is so old and loud that we have to crank up the volume on the TV to hear the movie. That risks waking up the kids, who would then hear all the bad words and/or groaning that so often is a part of the movies we watch.

Plus our dishwasher is leaking water, but really, it's mostly annoying because it's loud. The leaking issue isn't really an issue when you think about it... it's almost like it's mopping our floor for us.

My wireless router is also a piece of crap. It used to work well, but has just about given up on sending out wireless signals. I can stand ten feet away from our router and just get 2 out of 5 bars of wireless. It's pathetic. I'm a software developer, for crying out loud, I need five out of five bars throughout my house for no other reason than I just want them!

Once we have better wireless then we're going to get a wireless printer. It'll sit in the same place as our current printer, but without the wires running from one side of the room to the other. Plus our current printer keeps telling me there's a paper jam after it prints a single page, even when there's no paper jam. It's like that scene from Office Space....

I also want a Roomba - those robotic vacuums - because on NBC's Parks and Recreation they strap an mp3 player on one and call it DJ Roomba, and now Betty and I call everything "DJ something." (I'm DJ Double-Da.)

We're also going to get a TV for the patio even though Betty keeps saying we're not. Hopefully she hasn't read this far down the blog post.

If you have some new technology that has dramatically changed your life, please leave me a comment so that I can budget for it as part of our technology refresh. Or, if you're interesting in a piece of crap wireless router with a signal that dies after 10 feet, let me know and I'll contact you when it's available.

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bwallace said...

we used to use our Roomba alot and really like it. Then we got to where we just had too much stuff on the floor that we hired a human.Now it just sits somewhere (and i'm not sure i know where the where is)