Monday, June 06, 2011

Wave at the Bus

One of our friends sent me a link to an article about a guy who waved at his son's bus every day before school. It started out as a way to embarrass his son, Rain, but then the guy (named Dale) took it up a notch: he dressed up as something different each and every day. For example, here he is as a pirate:

[Picture of the guy in a pirate outfit]
Courtesy of Yahoo! pictures.

This guy is my hero!

The article links to the family's blog called Wave at the Bus. It shows a picture of Dale each day before school in his outfit, waving. There's a picture of him in front of his house waving as well as a picture from behind, where you can see the bus. The wife, Rochelle, took all the pictures and then wrote something for each day. Betty and I just looked at every single picture and we're amazed.

We want to embarrass our kids in much the same way!

Sure, the blog is a great way to embarrass our children. I mean, who can forget the Poozooka or the Laser Beam Butt Canon?

[Picture of the Poozooka in action]

Those are nice, but they're not as "in your face" as, say, a guy sitting on a toilet reading the newspaper while his child boards the bus, or as guy dressed as a chicken. Or a guy dressed as Ariel the Mermaid. Or a guy dressed as... well, you get the point.

I've decided that I need to do some "live-action blogging" for the express intent of embarrassing my children / my wife / myself. And, maybe just to be nice, I'll smile and wave while doing it.

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