Sunday, June 12, 2011


I can no longer stand idly by as Weinergate - the aftermath of Anthony Weiner tweeting a crotch shot - continues to unfold.

Here is my thought on Representative Weiner. Just keep in mind that I'm no Stephen Colbert.

Anthony Weiner is a dick. Sure, it takes balls to tweet your crotch out to the world, but a person who wants to show their dongle online has to be cocksure about the image's security. At a minimum, Weiner should have used more protection - like sending his crotch shot through a secured channel - instead of posting it on Twitter for all the world to see.

It's bad enough that Weiner is married, but what makes it worse is that his wife is preggers. But the worst part for Weiner, besides never being able to use his namesake on his wife again, is that he's a Democrat representative and his wife works for Hillary Clinton. His career is now pretty much over, unless he moves from New York to New Jersey, or stars in a reality TV program.

I also have to question the moral standings of the women who sent emails and tweets back and forth to Weiner. I mean, not only is there enough information online about the guy to determine that he was married, but the guy just looks like a douche. I'm embarrassed for everyone involved.

Vince Lombardi said, "Inches make champions." And based on Representative Weiner's crotch shot tweet, I think we can all say that Weiner is not a champion.


Bo said...

2 of my buddies and I have been hard at work coming up with the best headlines to cover this important story, some of my favorites:

Weiner Stands Firm Under Mounting Pressure
Weiner Polls Hit Hard
Weiner Feeling Sensitive After Bust
Weiner Maintains Rigid Stance Against Bush
Democrats Slam Door On Weiner
Weiner Hacked, Lies On Congressional Floor
Weiner Probe Deepens
Weiner Whistle Blower Receives Praise
Limbaugh Front Covers Weiner
Hannity's Weiner Blast Gets Extensive Coverage On Geraldo
Geraldo Eating Up Weiner Coverage

Bobby said...

Hillary Rages Against Weiner
Weiner Knocked Around in Media
Weiner Feeling Slapped Around
Weiner Does Pushups in Rehab, Pukes
Weiner Is Spelled Like Wiener Which Is A Nickname For Penis