Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Claw

My daughter has a new fascination: Claw Crane Games. Those are the games where you pay a quarter for the chance to win a stuffed animal or some candy by navigating a metal claw, and always fail to grasp the object of your desire in the last half second.

I'm jaded, as you can tell. The Claw has defeated me one too many times.

But Anne loves them, so we play them. We went in the side door at the Prairieville Wal-Mart the other day and they had a claw game. My daughter wanted to play it, so we entered some quarters... and nothing happened. The game didn't appear to be unplugged, but the claw didn't move and we couldn't get our money back.

Maybe that's how Wal-Mart pays for all its price rollbacks... from the claw game.

Anyway, my daughter was pretty upset, and if there's one thing that her daddy doesn't like, it's to see her upset. So we did the only logical thing:

We created our own claw crane game at home, using her own toys.

[The Claw!]

It was actually a lot of fun! We piled a bunch of her stuffed animals into a box, then Betty called out "left, right, up, down" while I moved Anne around like she was the claw. Anne got to grab whatever toy she wanted - until all of the toys were gone. Then we'd put all the toys back and do it all again.

I must have played the Claw game 80 times that night. And I have to admit, I rocked at it. I think I'm the greatest human claw game EVER.

Next we're going to try creating our own take on fun family games at home. We could play Chutes and Ladders outside on the swing / slide set, or Pac-Man by letting the kids dress up as ghosts and chasing each other around while I eat my way throughout the house. Personally, I'm looking forward to playing Candy Land. The possibilities are endless!

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