Sunday, August 28, 2011

Putting the Fantasy into Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is finally here! Last year I came in 15th out of 16th in my league, but I had so much fun that you would have swore that I was in the big winner. Except, you know, big winners don't cry after football games the way I did. Repeatedly.

Anyway, this time I'm broadening my horizons and not just drafting Saints players. In fact, I don't have a single Saints player on my team, much to my dismay. But I think I have a solid team. And in the spirit of fantasy football, I decided to put the "fantasy" into my fantasy football team.


[Picture: My fantasy team]

Here's my team this year:

QB - Matt Schaub
WR - Greg Jennings
WR - Austin Collie
WR - Davone Bess
RB - Arian Foster
RB - BenJarvus Green-Ellis
TE - Marcedes Lewis
K - David Akers
D - Lawrence Timmons
DEF - Pittsburgh Defense

QB - Matt Cassel (for my Bye week)
RB - Donald Brown (for when Addai goes down)
RB - Ryan Torain (he was sort of good last year, so...)
WR - Kevin Walter (I just learned who this guy is today)

The only players leftover from last year's team are David Akers (who I originally had on my bench last year for some reason), Lawrence Timmons (who I got after dropping Tracy Porter and then after Clay Matthews pulled a hammy) and Davone Bess, who came in handy until Chad Henne got hurt.

What I learned last year is that Fantasy Football is a crap shoot. Sure, there are great players who are going to play at a high level every week - unless they get hurt or get arrested. But the best way to ensure that you beat your fantasy football opponent is to literally beat your opponent, physically. Wait until your opponent drops a player in order to pick up another one, and before he can commit to starting the player from his bench, launch an all-out attack upon his person. That's my strategy this year at least.

It can't be any worse than last year.

For some extra fun, my cousins posted a video of them picking the draft order for this year's fantasy draft, so my dad and I posted a rebuttal. And yes, we are huge nerds, thanks for asking.

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