Friday, August 05, 2011

The Street Performer

Betty and I just finished watching the first season of Treme, the HBO drama about the city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Parts of it are very depressing, as expected. But all the scenes with the great food, beautiful music and wonderful people make us want to go back.

Two of the characters in Treme are street performers. One guy plays his keyboard and sings while his girlfriend plays the violin. And that got me thinking...

Maybe I could make some money playing music on the streets of New Orleans!

There are only two problems with that thinking: 1) I can sort of play the guitar and am learning the keyboard, but I'm not good enough to play for money just yet; and 2) I don't want to have lug a heavy and expensive piece of equipment around with me.

So I came up with alternative:

Wait for it...

I'll play my Guitar Hero guitar!

[Picture: Rocking my pants off!]

Think about it! My Guitar Hero guitar is light, inexpensive, and I'm basically the equivalent of Slash on it. I could play it solo, or bring a small TV with a video of my actual playing of Guitar Hero. (I wouldn't bring an actual Wii - not because I think someone would steal it, but because it's too much work to unplug it from my TV at home.)

At a minimum, I would get a few laughs. At a maximum, I would get beaten up by other performers and/or beaten up and put in jail by the cops. At a medium, I would get flashed by several tourists.

Sounds like it's worth the risk.

If you have any songs that you'd like me to learn on my five-button guitar, please let me know and I will immediately start learning them. Please also include if you want me to learn them on Beginner, Medium, Hard or Expert levels of difficulty. And last, let me know if you want me to rock your socks off, your shirt off, or your pants off. I'll rock all your clothes off after the cops close the streets to cars, of course.

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