Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eating by Osmosis

There are foods that are actually good for you if you rub them all over your face.  Don't believe me?  It's true!  Reader's Digest even has this article about it!

This came to no surprise to my son, Peter, who routinely smears food all over his face and hair.  It's like he already understands, even at one and half years old, that these foods - besides being delicious - also have healing and/or moisturizing powers.

Now, it very well may be that he doesn't completely understand which foods are good to rub all over one's body, as he seems to rub everything all over himself.  I consider this trial and error, and I'm all for it.  How else is he going to learn?

The Reader's Digest article that I linked to earlier in the blog... well, Peter could have told them that several of those ingredients were good for you.  He knows this because he recently smashed a banana-flavored cupcake all over himself and rubbed it throughout his hair.  He was practically massaging his scalp with the icing.  And what's in a banana-flavored cupcake?  Banana, egg and milk - three of the nine ingredients listed in the Reader's Digest article.

You can see more of Peter and his adventures smearing food all over himself at his very own website, Pete of the Day.

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