Thursday, November 03, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Wedding: The Great American Satire

Kim Kardashian may only have originally become famous because she has a big ass and a sex tape, but she's now infamous for divorcing Kris Humphries (who allegedly is a basketball player, although I have my doubts) after 72 days of marriage, and after her wedding was televised.

But she's also America's greatest living artist.

Hear me out, people!

Say what you want about her vows, but her wedding, whether it was real or staged for her TV show, is pure satire on the American lifestyle.

You see, Kim Kardashian is the embodiment of America's youth at the moment:  She's famous for posting videos of herself online (although most youth don't exactly post sex tapes), she's overweight (at least from the top of her butt to the bottom of it), she's not very good at math or science, she has a step-parent, and she's been divorced.  This is her second divorce, by the way.

Statistically, she's an Every Man of today's American Youth.

Her father was even involved with the OJ Simpson trial.  Come on, there's no better link to the American psyche than that!

And we all know that the divorce rate in America is a disgrace. What better way than to shed light on the fact that kids today cannot stay married together for more than a few years than to have the Personification of American Youth get married and then divorced two months later?

It's Art Imitating Life.  Except that this is Kim Kardashian's actual life.  So maybe it's Life Imitating Life.

Either way, it's genius.

I'm not happy that Kim Kardashian got a divorce so quickly, or at all.  I take no pleasure in the fact that a lot of people can't seem to stay married.  I know that people change, that everyone's situation is difficult.  I'm not judging.  I know that I'm a difficult person to live with, so I'm sure Betty has thought about at least killing me a few times today.  (It's OK, honey, your self-restraint at not killing me is one of things that I love best about you!)  So I understand why some people choose to get divorced.

But the reality is, our generation's marriages are not built to last.  Our generation is missing something that past generations had.  I don't know if it's the instant gratification that we've come to expect with everything from shopping to food, or that Americans are just not willing to work as hard for the same things that our parents and grandparents had.  But what better way to shed a light on that reality than by a reality star?

And if it's going to be a reality star, at least let it be one that has a big ass and is famous for a sex tape.  Because if we're going to have to look at her for the next month, at least we'll enjoy ourselves.

Kudos to you, Kim Kardashian, for satirizing our nation's marriage problem.  Now let's let the healing begin.

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