Friday, December 16, 2011

Charleston, Part Two: The Wedding

My wife and mom both told me that they liked my previous blog post about Charleston, but considering that the whole point of our trip was to attend our good friend Emily's wedding, they were disappointed that there were no pictures of the actual wedding ceremony or reception.

I mean, come on!  What did they expect?  They know I'm a dude, right?

Betty was particularly upset that I chose to use this picture in that blog as well:

But honestly, she should have been happy that I didn't use this one:

So since I want to keep both Betty and my mom happy, and since I don't want to post any more incriminating pictures of my beautiful wife, I'm going to attempt to provide details of the wedding in the manliest way possible.  And by that I mean, well... I don't know what that means.  Just go along with it.

Charleston Redux!

So like I said before, our good friend Emily got married in Charleston.  She's a radiologist, so she's basically got superhuman brainwaves.  Emily married Thomas, who is a pilot in the military.  If that's not cool enough for you, he's from Kentucky but cheers for LSU football.

Thomas, we love you.

To prove that Betty and I attended the wedding and that I was at least sober for a few minutes, here's a picture with me, Betty and Emily.  I hope this appeases the ladies in my life.

The wedding ceremony and reception were held at a place in downtown Charleston called McCrady's.  The actual ceremony was short and sweet, which is my favorite kind.  (Betty says that I still have to go to church on Sundays after a wedding, but I can usually get out of it if the wedding had a mass.)  It was a sit-down reception with the fantastic food from McCrady's.  I got fish and Betty got steak, and then I ate all of my fish and all of Betty's steak while she was chatting with the other people at our table.  Our table rocked, by the way!

Betty was a bridesmaid, and she and the other bridesmaids had a lot of fun together.  I got to know some of the bridesmaids as well, and let me tell you, they could have had their own "Bridesmaids" movie, if you know what I mean.  These girls are hilarious!

The wedding cake was a combination of cake and miniature cupcakes.  This is a great idea for the next wedding that one of my friends and/or acquaintances wants to invite me to.  It allowed everyone to get a taste of something without waiting for the cake to be cut, and it was fun getting to try all of the different flavors of cupcakes while we thought nobody else was looking.

As for me and my pink/purplish tie that I bought on the night of the wedding, we stuck with our favorite wedding drink:  Tom Collins!  (He's Shirley Temple's cousin.)

They didn't put grenadine in my Tom Collins which made it a manly drink for once.  I need to remember to tell the bartenders at the other weddings that I intend to crash to leave out the grenadine.  I had way too many Tom Collinses that night, but didn't figure that out until the morning.

After the wedding we hit up a place called "NV" (like, "Envy", or maybe "Nevada") in downtown Charleston.  We had a great time.  NV has an elephant statue in the middle of the top floor, so I convinced one of the other wedding attendees to ride it.

Then I took a picture of her and put it up on my blog.  Sorry about that!

Thanks again, Emily and Thomas, for inviting us to your wedding!  We love you both and wish you the best!

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emzerwas said...

Great review of our wedding! It was so much fun and we are so happy you and B could be a part of it!