Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Cake That Keeps On Giving

A few days ago I baked two cakes for Betty's birthday with help from my kids. Then I wrote a blog about it to show how wonderful a husband I am.

An unintended consequence of that blog post was that my dad decided to bake a cake for my mom. And since he doesn't have a blog, he decided to text pictures of it to me. One can only assume that he meant for me to post them to my blog, to show the world that not only am I a great husband, but that I am inspiring great husbands everywhere. Thanks, Pop!

So that's my dad's cake above. It looks pretty tasty. More importantly, it made my mom happy. Here's a picture of her being happy with the cake in the picture, so we can only assume it was the cake that made her happy and not some hilarious joke that my dad just told her.

Here's what I think the conversation was that led up to my dad baking a cake. We'll see how well I know my parents.

Mom: Oh Richard, come check out this cake Bobby baked Betty for her birthday! Wasn't that so sweet?

Dad: Humph! How hard is it to bake a cake? He just poured the batter into a pan and put it in the oven! Anyone could do it!

Editor's note: I'm sure my dad said this sarcastically, not realizing what would come next.

Mom: Oh yeah, Mr. Hot Shot? Then why don't you bake me a cake?

Dad: I will! Baby, I'll make you the biggest, chocolate-ist cake you've ever seen! And I'll make it have three layers since Bobby's cakes only had one!

I'll let my parents weigh in on whether or not I got that right. But I can definitely picture my parents having this conversation... right after they both agree that I am their favorite child and that they love me more than both my brother and sister combined. (Just kidding... they love us each equally. Except for my brother, I'm sure he's third on the list.)

Speaking of my brother, he's now the only Tanory male to not bake a cake for his wife. You're on notice now, Bro!

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