Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fancy Annie's Birthday Spectacular!

We threw a party for my daughter Annie on Saturday. Since she's fancy, the theme was Fancy Nancy. If you don't know who or what Fancy Nancy is, it's a series of children's books about a girl named Nancy who likes to dress and talk as fancily as possible. Every book is filled with great vocabulary lessons - e.g., "Posh is a fancy way of saying 'fancy.'" I love reading the books to her, and she loves being fancy, so it all works out.

So what makes a party "fancy?" How about a chocolate fountain, for one?

Not fancy enough for you? How about an inflatable?

Still not fancy enough? What about an art station with paint on one side and chalk on the other?

Still not floating your boat? Well, we also had another art station to make your own bookmarks, and another one to make your own necklaces...

"Pin the Tiara on Fancy Annie"...

Swings and slides...

Well, if none of that is fancy enough for you, then I know this will be: a fancy four-layered cake, since Annie turns four!

And as you all know, I take no credit for any of this. Betty did everything. And, by the way, she did it after a tornado ripped through our area last week and us having lost all of our food from the fridge and freezer. And she somehow managed to bake the fancy cake right before our oven's bake element burnt out. Betty is amazing!

The party was a smashing success. Annie had lots of friends and family come to see her. She loved seeing her cousins and friends, and enjoyed receiving and sharing some new loot!

Oh, I forgot to mention that we had a dress-up station for the kids with boas, hats, clothes, fancy shoes, etc. As expected, I dressed up as fancily as I could - with a tuxedo shirt and cummerbund that I found at the Purple Cow thrift store in Baton Rouge for $10. Betty wore a fancy outfit that I got her (because I have impeccable taste in other people's clothes but not my own - it's a gift and a curse at once). Annie wore fancy everything. And Peter borrowed a tuxedo from our friends - he just about stole the show!

Our families were fancy, too! Here's us with Betty's parents...

And here's us with mine. Fancy Tanorys!

It was a little on the warm and muggy side, and I probably kept Peter in his tuxedo a little too long. He was really hot and thirsty for most of the time. But it was tough to get him to come inside and change, since every time I went to get him he hopped on another mode of transportation and took off in his threads - Mission: Impossible style!

We had such a great time. Thanks to everyone who came and made Annie's birthday party so much fun!

We'll see you next year! Start getting your fancy things together, because next year's party has to be bigger and better than this year's, if that's possible. But try real hard, because you don't want to make this little munchkin mad at you:

She turns four this week! FOUR! Can you believe it???

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No the topic of your post, but great to see a pic of your parents! Hope they are doing well.