Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My son Peter just turned two!

[Picture: Peter blowing out his candle]

It seems like just the other day that Betty and I were watching Lost on NetFlix when she started going into contractions. So we promptly packed up the van and I ended up hitting every single red light between my house and Women's Hospital. I mean, every read light! Betty almost had Peter in the van.

That probably would have hurt the resale value. But who knows in this economy?!

My little dude is taking after his big sister and is very mature for his age, because although he just turned two, he's been in the Terrible Twos now for about two months. He's a climber - it's his favorite hobby! - and he was finally able to climb out of his baby bed. He actually fell out one day after scaling up the side, but I was there to catch him.

His baby bed has mighty morphing powers, so we changed it into a regular bed by removing one of the sides and replacing it with a smaller attachment that acts as a rail. But this meant that he could then roam freely in his room, so we put up a pressure gate on his bedroom door. But, being the avid climber that he is, he quickly learned how to climb that as well.

So then we switched pressure gates to be one with a mesh net in the middle instead of hard plastic, so his feet don't have any purchase. So now he just screams while throwing toys, books and stuffed animals outside of his bedroom and into Annie's room.

We try to fuss at him to keep him in his room, but he's just too darn cute!

[Picture: The chilluns!]

I'm very proud of my little man. For starters, he doesn't mind dressing up every once in a while. Gotta have a box full of costumes if you want to be a Tanory!

[Picture: It's a kilt!]

Second, he takes after his old man, as you can see below!

[Picture: Cucumber!]

We both have green thumbs! (What were you thinking?!)

Well, actually I don't have a green thumb, but Betty does! She's been teaching the kids all about how to grow stuff, where food comes from, etc. I mainly just eat. I said before that Peter's hobby was climbing, but he also loves to help cook and bake. He might be a world famous chef one day... or a pro-wrestler, or a mountain climber. Definitely one of those three. He's also awesome at baseball, soccer and basketball. So maybe an athlete.

My little buddy is growing up so fast, and is quickly becoming a big boy. He's so much fun. I hope that we always have as much fun as we are having right now together. I was going to post more pictures of Peter but couldn't decide which ones to use - they're all so good! - so instead I'll just point you to Pete's website ( for some good memories that we've had in the past two years.

Love you, buddy!

[Picture: Cucumber!]

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