Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Potty Trained

My two year old son, Peter, has potty trained himself.

Sure, Betty and I have read him the Elmo potty books, have bought him "big boy" undies, and have been talking to him about going potty. But it's not like we've been stressing out about it. I honestly thought that he was a few months away from being potty trained.

But instead of doing all of that, all we had to do was get his big sister Annie to explain to him, in the kid-friendliest way possible, that she get M&Ms after she goes potty. Peter put two-and-two together and realized that HE could get candy if he goes potty.

"Stock up on the goodies!" he seemed to yell at me, as he ripped off his clothes and diaper, "Because this little dude's going to do a little tinkling!"

At first he would stand in front of the toilet and try to go. But he realized that he's too short to make it in, so then he started dragging a little stool from the sink over. I think he was afraid that he was too wobbly and might fall in the toilet, so he settled on just sitting on the toilet.

As an adult male, I've been deeply offended when hearing of other parents talk about their young boys learning to pee on the potty by sitting. It just goes against every instinct. But now I've learned that sitting instead of standing is the best and easiest way for him to be a successful tinkler at his age. And of course he wants a 100% hit rate, as that's his best chance at scoring some of those sweet M&Ms, so sitting facilitates that.

We've taught him to not wipe after he goes, though. That was important to me. And Betty, to her credit, has encouraged a "no wipe" policy. Men don't wipe! NOR WILL WE EVER!

Keep in mind that we're just talking about Numero Uno here, folks.

Next thing we know, Peter will decide to learn to read and write, and maybe throw in a few physics problems while he's at it. Who knows with this brilliant boy?!

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