Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eat Cupcakes, Help Cure Cancer

A few weeks ago one of our favorite places in Baton Rouge, the Sweet Wishes cupcake shop, posted a cupcake contest on their website (and Facebook and Twitter accounts) called the "Golden Cup." They asked for people to submit new cupcake flavors.

Betty submitted Cookie Dough. She makes cupcakes with cookie dough in the middle, and they're always a huge hit at parties. Unfortunately for Betty, her flavor didn't make the cut.

But, ahem... my flavor, French Toast, is in the final 6! I'm going head-to-head with S'mores, which I think actually sounds delicious. I think someone else also suggested French Toast, so maybe they teamed us up. Regardless, I'm in the contest and now you all have to go to Sweet Wishes and buy a French Toast cupcake (available July 23rd - 27th).

The way the contest works is like this: people submitted their flavors (and optionally included ingredients and even recipes), then Sweet Wishes baked cupcakes using the suggested flavors, tasted them, judged them, and is now doing a head-to-head elimination match of the top 6 cupcakes. Two cupcakes square off each week for the next three weeks, and then the top two go for a final round. Every cupcake sold during the first three weeks counts as a point for that cupcake.

The winners don't get a personal prize. But everyone who submitted a flavor gets to essentially sponsor a charity. Mine (and Betty's) is St. Jude's Children Hospital. For every cupcake sold during the final week of the contest, Sweet Wishes will donate $1 for every cupcake sold of that flavor to the submitter's charity.

Sweet Wishes holds a special place in my heart. When Betty was preggers with Annie, she had gestational diabetes and so was limiting her sugar intake. After Annie was born, all Betty wanted was a Sweet Wishes cupcake. They were supposed to be closed when I called them on Annie's birthday, but after I explained what was going on and how much my wife wanted their cupcakes, they stayed open an extra 30 minutes for me to drive out there.

Basically, Sweet Wishes is a life-saver - in more ways than one!

The top 6 flavors (in order of most points in the original judging) are as follows.

1. BiteandBooze
1. Munchie Macadamia
3. Salted Caramel
4. Mississippi Mud
5. French toast
6. S'Mores

I'm looking forward to covering the rest of those flavors in syrup, sprinkling a little brown sugar on them, and kicking them to the curb. Go French Toast!

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