Friday, July 20, 2012

Napkins from Work

My cousin Ben is one of the piano players at Pat O'Brien's piano bar in New Orleans. He's an amazing and accomplished pianist.... and now he's also an amazing and accomplished blogger!

His blog, Napkins from Work, chronicles the hilarious, often drunk, and occasionally moving napkins that people write on when submitting their song requests at the piano bar.

Ben's got a unique perspective. It's not like just anybody could write something like this. Only a select few have this kind of vantage point. That he's willing to share that to us is what makes his blog so special.

Also what makes it special: someone misspelling Piano Man by Billy Joel as "Piona Mam Bill Jole".

[From the blog Napkins from Work]

Ben's only been at his blog for a few weeks (although he's been collecting napkins for a while, apparently), but he's already been mentioned in the Gambit's Best of New Orleans section.

I think his blog will catch on. The napkins are too funny, and Ben's commentary on them is too awesome, for this not to become a hot blog.

I can't wait to go to Pat O's and write him a really dirty song request... who knows, he might put it on his blog!


watercolordaisy said...

What happened to his blog? It's empty?

Bobby said...

Might have just been down for a few minutes... it appears to be up now.