Saturday, September 15, 2012

Romney Top Waiver Wire Pick for Week 2 of Political Season

Mitt Romney was the number one waiver wire pick-up for players across all leagues in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Politics after Muslims stormed US embassies in the Middle East and killed several people, including the US ambassador to Libya.

Romney's projected score in standard leagues (known as polls in some leagues) was originally downgraded this week after he gave a confusing answer on how much money a family has to have to be considered the middle class.

But in PPR (Points Per Republican) leagues, Romney got a boost after Kanye West had said that "Mitt Romney don't pay no tax," which Neoconservative hawks noted was a double-negative and therefore actually meant in English that Mitt Romney does pay tax.

"It's great to finally have Kanye on our side," said House Speaker John Boehner (pronounced "Boner") on Saturday. Boehner then broke down in tears.

Obama is still the projected leader in all 8, 10 and 12 person Fantasy Politics leagues.


Anonymous said...

I find it funny that there are no jokes are satire about Obama. The liberal media can't find anything wrong with him or his political agenda. He's the perfect candidate and that is why people should be take a better look before change and hope become a life style!

Bobby said...

Jokes and satire about Obama... you mean like this? This is all from the same site. Plenty more out there.,29478/,29458/,29285/,14287/,29114/

Nothing's stopping you from creating your own stuff, by the way. My blog post was really more a way for me to talk about fantasy football than anything else.