Tuesday, September 04, 2012

What We Did After Hurricane Isaac

After sitting in our hot, powerless homes during Hurricane Isaac... after bitching about Entergy not restoring power to our homes sooner (or bitching because we lost power even before the storm hit land)... after grilling everything in our freezer, fridge and pantry before it spoiled and then having no food left except canned taco sauce... after listening to the AM radio for a glimmer of news about the storm... what did we in South Louisiana do two days after getting our power back?

We simulated these same hurricane conditions down at Tiger Stadium on LSU's campus.

Yes, that's right, we voluntarily left our homes - which were now cooled thanks to our power being restored - and went out to sit in the hot, sweltering heat for 8 hours. We did this even though we had power, even though our AC was back on, and even though we could have comfortably watched the game on ESPNU. Some of us even listened to the game on our headsets while at the stadium. And most of us grilled.

Sure, it was hot. It was muddy. It even drizzled a little bit on us.

But we didn't care. We knew we could go home any time we wanted, granted that we would have to sit through two hours of traffic leaving the stadium and probably another hour of traffic when an 18 wheeler inevitably overturns on I-10.

But we're LSU fans. We know we're crazy.

Basically, if you want to keep the citizens of Louisiana happy during a hurricane, just have an LSU game at Tiger Stadium. Let people come out and tailgate. Let them Tiger-bait the opposing team as well as the storm itself. Just let there be beer, and maybe some Manda Fine Meat sausage dogs.

Because we in South Louisiana don't really mind hurricane conditions, as evidenced by our tailgating. We don't mind the sweltering heat. We don't mind being stuck in one place for a few days. As long as there's football, good music and a few Golden Girls, I think everything will be all right.

Besides, everyone knows it never rains in Tiger Stadium. So I nominate Tiger Stadium to be the new hurricane relief center. LSU already has an Earthquake Game... why not a Hurricane Game?

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