Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blogging for Boobies

If there's one thing I'm an advocate of, it's boobies. In particular, ta-tas, hoo-hoos, jugs and titties, not to mention breasts. Just look at my record:

In 2006 the Tanory Tantrum joined a coalition of bloggers in turning our blogs Pink for October. It was the first of many such times that my blog has sported pink in honor of breasts and all that they mean to me.

In 2008 I once again joined forces with Pink for October and turned my blog pink. I personally encouraged women to get their breasts examined and offered to examine them for half off what their doctors would charge them. (Please note: I'm not a doctor - just a breast enthusiast.)

In 2009 I wrote about how breasts make the world go round, and how a jiggly bosom makes any day better. I pleaded for the jiggling to continue. Hopefully many women out there headed my call. I also received three pictures of male breasticles from my readers.

In 2010 I vividly imagined a world without breasts and how it would be worse than the apocalypse. This was in an effort to have men encourage their ladies to check their lady bits for cancer.

In 2011 I advocated getting your breasts examined as part of "Test Your Ta-Tas Month."

This year I'm not going pink, although I encourage anyone with a blog to check out Pink For October's site and join up. Instead, I'd like to just tell you why it's important to me that you and your family members get screened for breast cancer if you're at risk.

Breast cancer took my aunt away from us. She had a personality that was larger than life, and the times that I spent with her and her my cousins are some of my favorite memories. They lived in Seattle, so we didn't get to see them much - which made the time we spent with them so much sweeter. And it's kind of crazy because I can't remember anything from my past very well, but I distinctly remember events from my life where she was in them. They're very vivid. I've tried writing them here but words just don't do the memories justice.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you never know what you mean to someone else. And I never took the time to tell my aunt how much she meant to me. I'm sure all of my family knows that I love them, but it's not like I ever got around to telling my aunt, "That time that you and I chatted on the couch made me feel like the center of the universe, because I know that everyone wanted to see you and yet you still made time to focus on just me." We're just not wired that way.

So do yourself a favor, and do a favor to the people who love you and want to spend time with you, and get the necessary check-ups for breast cancer or anything else that you're at risk for. Because I promise you that someone is going to miss you.

I write a blog in which I attempt to be funny. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it's awful. But as long as breast cancer is around, I will be proudly Blogging for Boobies. Now go get yourself checked out.

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